Altconf + WWDC

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This post is a work in progress, I’ll update while posting things from the both conferences

The Events

I went last week to the Altconf and I had the chance to see some of the keynotes transmissions of the WWDC (the world’s biggest developer conference, hosted by Apple in San Jose).

It was a great opportunity, I had tons of fun and could gather a bunch of knowledge and meet some interesting new people too.

Since I was attending to the Altconf, not to the WWDC directly, most of the content I’ll post on the next days are about the altconf contents.


What’s the altconf?

Altconf is an open event, that happens in parallel to the WWDC - and this year right next to it.

If I would say the biggest difference from WWDC and Altconf in content is, is that WWDC is focused on the new stuff released by Apple - totally - and Altconf brings people from all over the world to talk about what they already do, what is working, or what is not working.

Here’s some of the content I saw during the event, and I’m here to share with you:

You can see a little bit more about the altconf on their website.


If you want to see more about the WWDC contents and stuff, check the Apple’s documentation of its features, frameworks and other stuff, and all the keynotes are recorded, so if you haven’t seen one live, you can still go check it.