Hello World

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Hi There!

I’m Giovani Nascimento Pereira, and I’m a student at Unicamp Uniersity (Brazil), and former iOS Developer by Apple Developer Academy @ Instituto Eldorado Campinas.

Well, this is my first blog post, so I decided to keep the Hello World Title and talk a little bit about myself, and why I’m doing this.

Since I starte studying to become an iOS Developer, the need of having a site of my own was growing, I wanted to display everything I’ve done, and also I needed to host some information in order to make public an everything else.

The easiest sollution was using the GitHub pages! (Thaks a lot for that GitHub ❤️) So I could host an entire web site for free (I also recommend that if you want to have a site or anything, its really awesome)

And was another oportunity to study somethig new.

This website base was forked from Jekyll Now, which is an Quick Start for sites in Jekyll, since GitHub.io supports jekyll.

If you have any doubt you can contacte me 😉, and if your are really reading this, I hope you get to use or enjoy the other contents I post.

Thanks a lot!