Hueco Mundo

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Hueco Mundo

Playground Submission for WWDC18

Hueco Mundo was my Playground Submission for the WWDC18 Scholarship.

If you are not familiar with that, the WWDC - World Wide Developers Conference of Apple, is a year event of developers, which brings together developers from all around the world to see and learn more about the new features on the Apple hardware and softwares - like, iOS updates, new frameworks…

And every year, they have this Scholarship, to take students, from all around the world, to watch the entire conference. This year, you had to make a Swift Playground and submit to them.

I decided to make a hand drawed story. About a little astronaut who got stucked inside a hollow world, and can’t leave by himself.

The idea is that the reader had to program the astronaut backpack in order to make a rout out of the hollow world.

He would then load the program into the backpack and hope that the astronaut would leave the planet safely.

And I made everything on a PlaygroundBook - the Playground format which runs on iPad - because I believed the touch was a much better way to interact than using a mouse for this application.

Playground image example

Unfortunatelly, my playground was not selected for the scholarship. But you still can take a look downloading it from my GitHub repo SwiftPlaygrounds/Hueco Mundo

All the visual assets were made by handrawing on an iPad using the Adobe Sketch app.

The background Music was made using the Oriental Loops package on iPad’s Garage Band.