Super Mini Color Arcade

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Super Mini Color Arcade

The iOS Mini Games Collection

[Worked as Designer and Developer]

We always have ideas os little arcade games, like a game where you tap really fast on a lot of bubble on screen, or how about a bunch of squares that you need to tap on the correct order?.

And Super Mini Color Arcade (SMCA) project was about it: Create a collection of mini games, that, with any ideia you could just add a new game to it and share with everyone.

Similar to the InterAção app, I started creating it with my little brother. I work as a mobile developeratudy computer engineering and mobile development living on a different city. And my brother realy like programming and games, and everything that goes with it, but he lacks the experience to it.

So, almost everytime I get back home, he starts talking to me with this new big ideia, so we can delevop together (except that I code it, and he helps with the ideas and tests).

This time he gave the ideia for one mini game. I thought it was too litle to put as an entire app on the App Store, thats when I decided to make a mini game collection, and started thiking on the other game we could have.

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I hope this will show him that we can do things like this. you just need to study, try a little harder, and in the end, you can make a game, or an app, or anything you’d like to.

The SMCA was the second app I developed entirely by myself. And I have to say that: coding apps is really fun.

It’s just like magic, you have an idea, and you make it happen, and than you show it to other people, and suddenly there are a lot of people using it. There is a nice feeling of accomplishment.

I super recommend it 😁.

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