Sound Tap

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Sound Tap

Playground Submission for WWDC17

Sound Tap was my very first project in swift, right when I started on the Apple Developer Academy.

They encouraged us to make a submission to the WWDC Scholarship of a Swift Playground. By that time, I basically had no idea of what to do, mostly because I had no experience in Swift, but I decided to go with something I like.

I’ve always liked music, I play the piano since I was 8, so I wanted to transport that into the playground.

Using the AVFoundation Framework, you are actually able to create notes and use it to play customizable sounds. Sound Tap was more like an experiment to see what I could do, it consisted on a rendered view - the panel- that would interact with your touch and play a programmed music.

So, you could just literally “code” your music by adding, what called, a half-tone vector, that was basically a instruction to tell what note you were going to play after the current one, if the next number was zero, it was the same note, if it was 1 it was 1/2 tone higher, 2 it was 1 tone higher… and so on.

The playground even thought a little about Scales and Harmony, different Arpeggios, and how to make them sound better.

But the fun part was on the panel, depending on which position you tapped, the song played would be on a higher or lower tone and faster or slower. So after programing a song, or just a sequence of notes, you could listen to what it sounds like indifferent pitches and speeds.

The Sound Tap Playground running on Xcode

I was very proud of my first project on the Swift Playgrounds, but unfortunatelly I was not selected to the WWDC Scholarship. But it still was very fun to work on that, and I’ve reused that playground to teach a little bit of music and Harmony after - so it ws totally worth it 😄.

Sound Tap is a Xcode Playground, if you want to take a look, go to my GitHub repo Playgrounds and download it.