Swift Playground Tutorial

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Swift Playgrounds

And easy tutorial for Swift language, and app development introduction [available in Portuguese]

You will learn:

  • Swift language basics
  • iOS and Playground view lifecicle
  • Gestures and user interactions
  • Display itens on screen

If you are new on iOS app development, or swift, or coding at all, maybe a good introdution would be a Swift Playground.

But, what’s that? Its like a mini app, a file format tha Apple created to help teach and learning swift development. And it’s available for the Xcode on Macs, and an iOS app for iPads as the Playground app.

What I’ve done, was a little tutorial to introduce the Swift programming language, and also the begining of app development, all condensed in the form of a Swift Playground.

You can get the tutorial on my GitHub repo - SwiftPlaygrounds/WorkshopSwiftPlaygrounds, just download it - the Xcode or the iPad version, and open the file.

If you are downloading the iPad version, download on a Mac and than share with your iPad using Air Drop, if you have the Playgrounds app installed, it will automatically import it. Or, if you dont have a Mac, share with the iPad after downloading as an email, or other transfer app.

At the and of the Playground, you will be able to create a simple mini-game: The Ball Smash

Playground image example

Coding is really fun.

It’s just like magic, you have an idea, and you make it happen, and than you show it to other people, and suddenly there are a lot of people using it. There is a nice feeling of accomplishment.

I super recommend it 😁.

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