Hello Everyone! I’m Giovani Nascimento Pereira, currently Computer Engineering student at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and iOS Developer.

If you are here, you are going to read a little bit about me, basically my life after going to college.

I was born in a town on the south of the Minas Gerais state in Brazil, called Poços de Caldas. It’s a touristic place, and cultural reference for music and theater, so I grew up surrounded with all of that culture. I’ve Started playing the piano when I was a kid (but not that I got really good on it).

After highscool, I started studying computer engineering at Unicamp, Campinas. And this city was a really different place, specially the university. People from all around the world, and a lot of opportunities, groups, classes, extensions, friends, events, activities, that you could easily get lost.

I started working at the Conpec Jr. Enterprise on the Marketing area. It was a great experience, while still inside the Computing Engineering course, I had the chance to work directly with the market, and on a different area.

The Junior Enterprise Movement (MEJ - in portuguese) was a huge thing on my life for the first two years of college. Still on the first year I joined the InterAção team, a group of people determined to make one of the best events for the state MEJ, and I got in touch with people from basically every course available on Unicamp.

Later that year, I became one of the three coordinators of the InterAção group. It was fun and amazing to have my own team, but also chalenging. It was a time to exercise my responsibility, to help everyone there grow, and work together.

On my secnod year, 2016, most of the public universities on the country went on a strike. Trying to get better studying conditions, morey money for the universities to host their researches and to help students stay there studying. But that year, all the educational system had big cuts on the budgets and income. On Unicamp, the strike lasted for almost 4 months.

I was a coordinator of the Academic Center of Computing Engineering and Science - CACo, which is the group resposible for bringing political discussions for the students of the same course, and represent them to the University. And during the strike, we had to host assemblys, to know the ideas and feelings of our friends and other students. We had intense situations, discussions, really long meetings, until the students decided that our courses, would also go on a strike.

Later that year, a friend who was also engaged during the strike, gathered a group of people to keep the political discussion alive, free of political parties, and accepting all the ideas - a plural group. Because during the strike, we fought for what we thought that was right, but also we had much to sacrifice: 3 months of classes only to start. We wanted a better way to help the students without the need of another strike like that, so we decided to run for the University Student Representative. And thats when the Apenas Alunos was born.

On the third year, 2017, right when it started, a friend of mine, Gustavo Maronato, came back from his exchange program and brought a bunch of crazy ideas. One of them was a NGO, created to help the students from the public highschool system to have access to a better education and complementary classes. No need to say that, I really got into it. And than, the Ales Project was born. Going to the schools on the weekends, teaching all these kids, having lunch with them, talking, and really feeling they were happy and learning something new, was priceless.

But 2017 was a game change. I started studying at the Apple Developer Academy, a project that balieves on the potential of the students, and help them try change the world through mobile applications. Thats when I became an iOS Developer.

And I also started working as an Apple Campus Representative, sort of and Apple ambassador inside Unicamp, working to make education and technology closer.

And both these opportunities have been great experineces.

I’ve done a few things after I went to college, I believe the most important ones are here, but I hope I can still do much more. 🐠

Thaks for reading this story!

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